Planetary Citizens, Inc. is a 501 C (3) Non-Profit Corporation
Dedicated to increasing the Awareness
That every Human Being, Animal, Plant and Mineral
Is a Unique Expression of Divine Energy worthy of
Respect, Love and Care.

Our Vision is the Creation of "Heaven on Earth"
Through Honoring, Protecting and Uplifting All the Citizens of Planet Earth.

     Not a Heaven that is some kind of Utopia where all polarities are dissolved, but a Heavenly Earth based upon an appreciation and understanding that all polarities are actually complementary … that rest and depend upon the dynamic nature of their opposing aspects. Not a Heaven where all differences have dissolved into an amorphous oneness, where everything is identical and every mind agrees on every point with every other mind ...but a Heavenly Earth where Planetary Consciousness has emerged that does not fear differences, but rather celebrates their contribution to the dynamic patterning of the Whole. Not a Heaven that is based upon the concept and ideals that are generated from separate individual egos, but a Heavenly Earth based upon the reflections gained from meditation and reconnection to the greater wholeness of life…

A Re-Connection to the concept of an Undivided Cosmos.

     When we first received pictures from space that showed the Earth floating as a precious jewel in the vast darkness of space, this image represented a turning point in the evolution of human consciousness. These pictures created a special and undeniable visual image of the singularity of the earth, as well as of its fragileness.

If this beautiful jewel-like planet is violated through greed and uncaring actions,
There is no other home for its citizens.

     This image and the poignancy of its message was and continues to be the inspiration for Planetary Citizens, Inc. Through the creation and dissemination of the concepts represented by this undeniable visual image of the singularity and fragile beauty of the Earth, there is the hope that the collective consciousness ...which is just the summation of all our individual consciousnesses ...can be uplifted and expanded in its comprehension of the interdependence and value of every individual aspect of life on the Earth.

     Our purpose is to help create a new Awareness that our planet is one indivisible whole and that all life is interconnected. To shift from the current paradigms of individualism, nationalism and exploitation of nature that have generated our current global crisis ...toward a new perspective that recognizes that our lives and the destinies of all the inhabitants of planet Earth are bound together and are so interconnected that anything which causes harm to one causes harm to All.

     By moving attention from the Heart to the Mind and relying more and more upon the powers of separation and divisive word-based thinking, mankind has created the dilemma where it finds itself alienated from the very earth which supports all aspects of life and existence. Through the creation of the idea that we are separated from the rest of existence as individual "ego-selves"... we have taken the view that everything external to us is both to be feared and exploited ... for whatever ends we see fit. Rather than living in according with a vision of interconnectedness, wholeness and interdependence, where every aspect of life is supporting and nurturing every other aspect in its own unique way and special way.

     Our desire is to create a greater understanding of the value and gifts of diversity and to foster appreciation for the uniqueness of every life form. Every form of life on the earth has special gifts and purposes that only it can give to the whole. Every hand-full of soil is unique and is interrelated to all other life on the planet. If we treat the soil with love and respect, it responds and the plants that grow upon it become more healthy and vibrant. If this is true for soil and plants, how much more it is true in our interactions with other human beings and animals, who enjoy a greater capacity to express their appreciation and happiness. By uplifting and giving value to every individual expression of life, we create and give value to the whole. Through individual responsibility that translates into loving kindness and harmonious actions, we create a climate of caring, cooperation and inclusion that will generate a new planetary climate for all its citizens.

Through its activities, Planetary Citizens, Inc. sponsors and creates programs,
seminars, information, music and art that promotes the expansion of
Planetary Consciousness, Individual Responsibility and Harmonious Action
that can assist in actualizing this planetary vision of

"Heaven on Earth"

A Heavenly Earth where ...
Fear and mistrust … Are replaced by Cooperation and Sharing.
The focus on Individual gain … Is shifted to a focus on what is Good for the Whole.
Exploitation of Animals and Nature … Is replaced by the concept of Care and Nurturing.
The view that aspects of existence are separate things to manipulated for individual gain …
Is replaced by the concept of Stewardship …
Where All forms of Life are seen to be
Interconnected, Conscious aspects of Divine Energy
that are to be treated with
Respect, Love and Care.


Our Lives and the destinies of all the Citizens of Planet Earth are inextricability bound together.

The values that each one of us holds ...
The lifestyles we choose ...
The quality of our relationships to each other ...
And the tasks to which each of us commit our creative energies …

These all combine …

To create the character of
This precious Planet Earth and
The Quality of our Lives.

Through our Conscious Choices …
Harmonious Actions ...and the
Creation of Planetary Awareness …

We can shift the current patterns of personal and environmental destruction …
To create more Heaven upon this Earth.