Susan McElroy is the author of the NYT Bestseller, "Animals as Teachers and Healers," a modern classic translated into 17 languages. Her second book, "Animals as Guides for the Soul," is a national bestseller. A survivor of advanced cancer, McElroy credits her close relationship with animals as providing the most vital boost toward her healing and eventual recovery. McElroy is a former humane educator, zookeeper, wildlife rehabilitator, dog trainer, and stable hand. Her writings are featured in many anthologies and national magazines. She is currently offering a special writing workshop, which is described below:

     "Reclaiming Eden: Writing About Animals as a Tool for Inner Work." ---In this three-day workshop, we will be learning more about animals, MUCH more about ourselves, and a great deal more about good writing. Why focus on animals for a writing workshop? Simply because animals are our purest and oldest teachers. They inhabit every corner of our lives, from the small rug beside the hearth, to the deepest landscapes our our dreams. There is no area of our lives into which they cannot bring deep insight, surprise, and growth. They stimulate our creative skills as we learn to make them come alive on paper. They touch the quiet places in our souls when we consider their immense impact on our lives. And they facilitate healing as we navigate the realms of intimacy and relationship between us and these very sacred "others." Our explorations will include companion and wild animals, animals we have loved and lost, dream animals, and some animals we may never have given a second thought to before now. Join us for an exciting writing expedition to discover the animal within you and beside you.

     This workshop is appropriate for writers and would-be writers alike. The process holds value for wherever you are in your writing journey. Bring a pen or a computer, and an adventurous spirit.

     The workshop will be held at Carpe Diem Farms in Highlands, North Carolina. For registration information, please call Carpe Diem Farms at (828) 526-4752. Or link to

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