September 15 - 18

         Join Sharon Callahan, Purusha Ananda, Dr. Allen Schoen and friends for the 4th in a series of special weekends to experience and deepen our spiritual connection to all life and to explore practical ways to bring that connection into our everyday lives. During these weekends of meditation and sacred dialogue, we will explore ways in which we can enhance our own innermost being, while nurturing and healing the animals in our lives and all of Earth’s creatures. 

     During these weekends of sharing and exploration, we will rediscover our innate ability to engage in sacred dialog with all beings while simultaneously nurturing our own deepest selves. Through a process of meditation, sacred movements, music and intimate sharing, we will gain confidence in our ever present capacity for quiet inner listening and our own unique ability to access information intuitively in order to assist our animal companions and ourselves in a return to balance, health and wholeness.

This years retreat topics will include:

  • The ministry of angels and animals

  • The language of flowers-voice of the angels

  • The healing power of the harp and how it connects us to the dimension of angels

  • Conducting a healing session for your beloved animal friend with assistance from the angelic kingdom

  • Tools for healing animals, nature, earth and ourselves

  • Guardian angels - our celestial counterpart

  • Communing with light - the abode of angels

  • Animal communication - polishing the mirror of the heart

  • How to use a broken heart to heal the world

  • Heaven on earth - awakening to the divine in our everyday lives

Your Hosts:

     Sharon Callahan, internationally acclaimed animal communicator and creator of Anaflora flower essences for animals. Sharon's book on her pioneering work in the field of flower essence therapy is published by Sacred Spirit and is titled: Healing Animals Naturally With Flower Essences and Intuitive Listening.

     Purusha Ananda, after having a career as an aerospace engineer, spent more than 18 years studying and practicing such spiritual traditions as Yoga, Sufism, and Buddhism. This breadth of experience allows Purusha to teach the art of meditation to all seekers, no matter what their current spiritual path or level of practice, explaining, adapting and suggesting practices that fit both the person and his/her circumstances.

    Dr. Schoen is an internationally renowned holistic veterinarian, author, professor, and workshop leader. He is the author of Kindred Spirits, recently published by Random House, and Love, Miracles, and Animal Healing, published by Simon & Schuster. He is also the author of a number of veterinary textbooks. Dr. Schoen teaches complementary veterinary medicine at universities and conferences throughout the world. He is an affiliate faculty member at Colorado State University, College of Veterinary Medicine, and an adjunct professor at Tufts University, College of Veterinary Medicine.  During his twenty-three year veterinary career, Dr. Schoen has also intertwined a personal spiritual journey with his ongoing commitment as a veterinarian.

Music And Sacred Sharing:


     Joining us for this year's retreat is international recording artist and healer Erik Berglund whose life has touched thousands via workshops, retreats, and private healing sessions. 

     Erik is a unique recording artist who like the troubadours of yore, combines his extraordinary musical talents with the spirit and power of God's healing gifts. Erik sings like an angel with a refined tenor voice accompanied by the crystalline sounds of his Irish harp and synthesizer orchestration. He tours the world facilitating group energy in concerts, workshops, and thousands of private healing sessions. His music is known for its angelic connection and his latest release is an album entitled "Somewhere." In concert Erik sings classic favorites, plays heart touching harp melodies, becomes a storyteller, and weaves the energies of the angels in a program designed to uplift human and non-human animals alike. 

     Erik has performed in major cities from Athens, London, Frankfurt, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Washington D.C. and Sau Paulo to power points such as Machu Piccu, the Great Pyramid, Glastonbury, Mount Shasta, the Grand Tetons, Lake Louise, the Yucatan, and the Hawaiian and Greek Islands. Besides the new release mentioned above Erik has the following CDs: Angel Chants, Harp of the Healing Light, Angel Flight, Healing Harp of Heaven, Angel Beauty, Harp of the Healing Waters, and Angelic Harp Music. 

     We can think of no one more perfect to join us as we catalyze healing between the human and animal kingdoms. As this year's special guest not only will Erik accompany us with his incredible music, but he will share with us the miracle of healing animals gleaned from his many years of experience. If your soul is longing for upliftment, healing and beauty you will love Erik Berglund.  Visit him at 

Some comments about Erik and his wonderful healing music..............

"If angels were given a human voice, it would sound just like Erik Berglund."
Rev. Lela Garretson, Unity Minister, Florida.

"Erik Berglund's music blends the physical with the non-physical through the medium of the heart. His is remarkable music."
~ Gary Zukav, Author "Seat of the Soul"

"When it comes to playing heaven's renowned instrument no one can touch him." 
~PJ Birosik, New Age Retailer

Erik's music a heals animals too...........

"I play Erik Berglund's beautiful harp music all the time now. The cats just love it. I have been so inspired that I have purchased a harp for myself and have begun to take lessons."
Diane Ellis, CA

"When my cat Sashi was dying, I played Erik Berglund's Harp Of The Healing Waters over and over again. It was so inspiring and healing for both of us."
Claudia Taylor

"Thank you for sending the information on the Erik Berglund CD's. I went right out and bought one. The animals and I listen to it daily. Bob the abused cat that I most recently rescued is now much more peaceful and well adjusted. He sits on my lap as we listen to Erik's tapes every evening. And we are both more relaxed and totally enjoy it." 
Lynn Styles, Santa Rosa, CA 

"Thanks for recommending Erik Berglund's music for me and my animal family. It has become a regular part of our life. We are so appreciative."
Felica Serpico, Florida

Location & Registration Information:

*Healing the Sacred Relationship Between Animals and Human Beings* - Thursday Evening the 15th evening orientation 6-9pm Sharon and Purusha's home in Mount Shasta. Friday, Saturday and Sunday the 16, 17 and 18 Magnificent new private location near Mount Shasta.

The three retreat days will be held at a beautiful private estate near Mt. Shasta. Directions to the retreat site will be given at the introductory evening at Sharon and Purusha's home on the evening of the 16th. Mount Shasta is long renowned for its spiritual and healing energies and is one of the world’s sacred mountains. The village of Mt. Shasta offers a wide range of accommodations from camping to luxury B&Bs as well as many restaurants and 2 good health food stores.

Suggested donation of $450.00 with a $200.00 deposit due by June 1st.  Payment balances are due August 1st.

Your registration fee includes 

  • Welcome gathering Thursday the 15.

  • Three full days of activities Friday the 16th, Saturday the 17th and Sunday the 18th 

  • a mid-day meal each day, as well as a light supper and dessert in the evening. 

***Accommodations and breakfast are separate. Arrangements for accommodations can be made with the help of the retreat coordinator. 

Grace Waymire has more than 15 years nursing experience, specializing in the care of critically ill children and babies. She has always had a strong connection to animals and nature. Grace has recently transitioned into the area of animal care and nutrition as well as functioning as retreat coordinator for Sacred Spirit Retreats. Grace lives in Truckee, California with two dogs, three cats, and a cockatiel. k

For details, and to register, call retreat coordinator Grace Waymire at 530-550-8380 or email . For a listing of Mt. Shasta B&Bs, and motels see  or contact Grace for an information package.