Bernie Siegel, M.D., is a pioneering physician and surgeon who helps his patients realize their own healing potential and works extensively to humanize the medical profession. His best-selling books include "Love, Medicine, and Miracles," "Prescriptions for Living," and many others.

Susan McElroy is an author and lecturer, is a former vet assistant, zookeeper, and humane educator. Susan turned to her animals for support and comfort after being diagnosed with cancer. Her collection of stories about the healing aspects of the human/animal relationship resulted in a NY Times bestseller "Animals as Teachers and Healers." Susan's latest book is entitled "Animals as Guides for the Soul."

Michael Fox, D.V.M.,D.Sc., Ph.D., Senior Scholar in Bioethics at the Humane Society of the United States. Dr. Fox Works extensively in the areas of animal welfare and conservation. Dr. Fox travels widely lecturing on animal behavior, conservation, animal rights, humane and sustainable agriculture and creation centered spirituality. Dr. Fox has written over forty books including "The Boundless Circle: Caring for Creatures and Creation."

Sharon Callahan is an internationally recognized Animal Communication Specialist and creator of AnaFlora Flower Essences for Animals. Sharon's writings on Animals and Spirituality and Flower Essence Therapy for Animals have appeared in publications such as Natural Pet, the Herb Quarterly, and Kindred Spirit.

Matthew Fox, MA, Ph.D., is an ordained priest, theologian, and founder of the University of Creation Spirituality in Oakland, CA. A popular author and lecturer, Fox has brought his message of ecological and social justice, mysticism, and blessing to eager audiences worldwide.

Mary Lou Randour, Ph.D., is a psychologist, animal advocacy expert, author, and Director of Programs for Psychologists for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. She consults for animal advocacy organizations and lobbies to pass legislation benefiting animals. Her most recent book," Animal Grace: Entering a Spiritual Relationship With Our Fellow Creatures" is being published in January 2000.

Allen Schoen, DVM, is the Director of the Veterinary Institute for Therapeutic Alternatives (VITA). He has a referral practice in equine acupuncture and chiropractic medicine in CT. He has authored many books on alternative veterinary medicine including his latest "Love, Miracles, and Animal Healing."

Maureen Fredrickson is an expert on the role of animals in healthcare. She trains healthcare workers regarding the recommendation of service animals for people with disabilities. She is past Vice President of Programs at The Delta Society, an organization which champions the value of animals in human health and well being..

Edwin J. Sayres is President of The San Francisco Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, one of nations' most progressive humane organizations. Mr. Sayres is former Director of PetsMart Charities, as former Director of the Animal Protection Division at the American Humane Association.

Brenda Peterson is a novelist, nature writer, and environmental NPR commentator. Her writing has appeared in New Age magazine, Utne Reader, and The New York Times. Her nine books include "Intimate Nature: The Bond Between Women and Animals" and "Singing to the Sound: Visions of Animals, Nature, and Spirit."

Kim Stallwood is one of the most influential persons in the animal advocacy community. A former executive director of PETA, he currently serves as executive director of the Animals Rights Network Inc.. (ARN) and is editor-in-chief of the Animals Agenda, the premier animals rights magazine.

Linda Hogan is an award winning Chickasaw poet, essayist, and novelist as well as a volunteer wildlife rehabilitator. Her three novels and six books of essays reveal the traditional bonds between indigenous peoples, animals and the natural world. Her books include "Dwellings: A Spiritual History of the Living World" and "The Sweet Breathing of Plants:Women Writing on the Green World."

Marc Bekoff, Ph.D, is a Professor of Organismic Biology at the University of Colorado at Boulder and a Fellow of the Animal Behavior Society. He has researched and published extensively in the areas of animal rights, behavioral and cognitive ethology. His work has been profiled on 48 Hours, in National Geographic Society specials, and on the Discovery Channel.

Joanne Lauck, MA, is an environmental educator, wildlife rehabilitator and author. Her recent award-winning book," The Voice of The Infinite in the Small: Revisioning The Insect-Human Connection," calls for a radical readjustment of our relationship with insects, encouraging us to reinvent ourselves as a compassionate species and heal ourselves in the process.

Michael and Justine Toms. Michael Toms is co-founder and CEO of New Dimensions Radio. Justine Willis Toms is co-founder and Executive Director and also editor of the New Dimensions Journal. Their radio show explores fascinating and provocative people and topics. Together they have co-authored, "True Work: Doing What You Love and Loving What You Do," and also give workshops on Your Work As Spiritual Practice.

Susan Keiraleyn, Ph.D. is a former research faculty member at Oregon Health Sciences University, now in full-time private practice as a counselor and shamanic healer in Portland, Oregon. She draws from state-of-the-art therapy theory and technique in the Western psychological/medical tradition, has studied with indigenous healers in Nepal and Belize, and has taught shamanic journeying techniques and related processes since 1978.

Meet The Kinship Conference "Weavers"

At a conference of this magnitude, it is sometimes easy to get so caught up in the energy and excitement of the day that we forget to breathe to let ourselves simply be still for a moment and allow all the information pouring into our heads to be fully and gently absorbed into our bodies and souls. If we bypass this important process, we end up trapped in our heads, and what we've learned remains a shallow exercise in information accumulation.

To assist all of us in moving from thinking... to feeling... to knowing, we've asked three very special people to join with us in Kinship, and serve as our conference "weavers" that is, they weave the many threads of the conference into an integrated whole. Using music, ritual and ceremony, story, prayer, movement, and intentional silence, these weavers will be offering us brief and powerful moments to reconnect to our hearts and to each other throughout the conference day.

We re pleased to introduce you to our conference weavers:

Purusha Ananda After a successful career in aerospace engineering, Purusha left the corporate world and spent the next eighteen years traveling in India, Nepal, Europe, the U.S., and South America studying with spiritual teachers from a wide variety of traditions. By observing how these masters lived and applied their teachings to daily life, Purusha discovered a valuable bridge between the theoretical and the practical.

A 20-year student of the Zen "sitting" tradition, Pursha has also studied the movement and sound traditions of the Sufis s, and the Dyogchen (Great Perfection) Tradition of Tibetan Buddhism.

Purusha is also a skilled musician and songwriter. He is currently completing his first book, "Spirit Emerging: A Guide to Spiritual Enfoldment. His essay series, "The Sacred Traditions," was published in Directions Magazine. Join Purusha for early morning yoga and meditations before the conference. (See schedule for time and location.)

David Bearclaw Abrams-- David, of Cherokee descent, was a professional horse trainer for more than 20 years. Throughout his training career, he fostered respectful partnerships with the horses in his care, keeping a small stable so that all of his horses received close personal attention. David was spiritually mentored by a Shoshone Sundance Chief and medicine man. He is a Sundancer, a medicine pipe carrier, and keeps a ceremonial lodge on his small Wyoming ranch. David is an ardent student of Native ritual and ceremony, and has studied with Apache and Lakota teachers. Catholic by birth and early teaching, David seeks the unifying principles in indigenous and Christian traditions. A deep believer in "Mitakuye Oasin (all my relations)," which teaches our oneness with all creation, David lives his life as a prayer, and offers counseling, native dance, sweat lodge ceremonies, and medicine wheel journeys through his organization, "Seekers of the Ancient Ways."

David uses storytelling, prayer, and ceremony to bring listeners to a place of truth. He is currently compiling a book of teaching stories that incorporate Christian and Native tradition. Join David Saturday night for storytelling at our informal concert gathering.

Erik Berglund Eric is a multi-talented artist and musician who hails from Minnesota. He has been active in everything from puppetry and film making to drama and painting. An accomplished violinist and pianist, Eric became enchanted with the harp, which has since become his chief outlet of artistic expression. He has performed throughout the United States, appearing at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine, Carnegie Recital Hall, and Lincoln Center. He was also invited to play before the United Nations. Internationally, Eric has performed in Europe, Canada, South Africa, and New Zealand.

Eric is fascinated with the Harp s ability to bring harmony, peace, and healing to its listeners. His music has often been compared to The Music of the Angels, and touches audiences in a deep and restorative way. Join Eric for an informal concert Saturday night (see conference schedule for time and location), where he will perform his music and provide accompaniment for our speaker readings and weaver presentations.

Sponsored by the San Francisco SPCA

JULY 8-10, 2000

For information and registration call 1-800-799-1277

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