Mountain Mind - a Meditation retreat with Purusha Ananda

Mountain Mind - a Meditation retreat with Purusha Ananda

May 29—June 1, 2003 Mt. Shasta, California


is the Essence of Mind within every Being . . . 

Where the mind rests in its own Primordial State . . . 

Free of any personal point of reference. . .

A Space of Clarity, Spaciousness And Love

Your Host: Purusha Ananda

    Purusha Ananda, after a career as an aerospace engineer, spent over eighteen years visiting living teachers, studying and practicing the spiritual traditions of Yoga, Sufism and Buddhism. Seeking ways to go beyond the limitations of theoretical or mental teachings, Purusha spent years traveling and living close to teachers in the United States, India, Nepal, Europe and South America. By observing how different spiritual masters lived the teachings and how they applied their learning to the situations that arise in daily life, Purusha was able to learn methods that bridge the theoretical and the practical.

Purusha has studied and practiced meditation extensively over the past twenty years, developing the quiet sitting of the Zen tradition, the movement and sound meditations of the Sufi's and the spacious view, stabilizing and actualizing practices taught in the Dzogchen (Great Perfection) Tradition of Tibetan Buddhism. This breadth of experience allows Purusha to teach the art of meditation to all seekers, no matter what their current spiritual path or level of practice . . . explaining, adapting and suggesting practices that fit both the person and their circumstances.

Besides his skill as a teacher of meditation, Purusha is an accomplished musician and artist, whose work focuses upon the harmonizing and blending of heaven and earth. His article series: The Sacred Traditions, has appeared in Directions Magazine

Recognizing the Essence:

     The Mountain Mind Practices are designed to assist in unfolding the Dynamic State of our Spiritual Essence. This Essence is a State of Being, In which there is the perception of The Essence of All . . . Beyond words or Descriptions.

The Spectacular Setting and Spiritual Characteristics of Mt. Shasta combine with special mountain practices to invoke Realization of that which is Eternal.

First the Essential Nature is Recognized, then Stabilized and Actualized into all aspects of our daily Life.

We then live Resting in the State of open Awareness . . . Free from Concepts . . . Free from Hope and Fear… Free in the Vast Expanse of Being.

Mountain Mind Practices:

is a unique and incredible Spiritual Mountain which uplifts and heightens our Spiritual Longings. On the slopes of this mountain, we are pulled away from our endless activities . . . To Focus on that which is Beyond.

The view provides a framework of the spiritual path from the vantage point of the Mountain Top or Realization of the path. It provides clues and direction about what is to be Recognized, as well as some of the signs and cautions along the way.

The Mountain Mind Retreat will be practice oriented. Four main techniques will be explained and practiced in magnificent mountain settings. Such practice takes us Beyond intellectual knowledge and grounds spiritual concepts into physical reality.

The aim of Spiritual Practice . . . is to go Beyond Practice . . . To play Music . . . Not to endlessly practice Musical scales and Techniques . . . To Realize, make Stable and Actualize A State of Being, where we are Grounded In the Spiritual Dimension.

Location & Registration Information:

To discover our Essential Nature is to discover “ The Pearl beyond Price.” Such teachings cannot
be sold or have a price put upon them. Thus, there will be no set cost or fee. In the Spirit of sharing, offer what you can, through a donation. If you are unsure of what would appropriate, a reasonable rule of thumb is roughly the amount you earn in one hour for each hour of teaching. There will be approximately 8 hours of teaching in the Mountain Mind Retreat

To provide direct contact and personal interaction, keep our presence on the mountain unobtrusive and facilitate transportation, the Retreat will be limited to 8 people. 

Accommodations and breakfast are separate. Arrangements for accommodations can be made with the help of the retreat coordinator. 

Grace Waymire has more than 15 years nursing experience, specializing in the care of critically ill children and babies. She has always had a strong connection to animals and nature. Grace has recently transitioned into the area of animal care and nutrition as well as functioning as retreat coordinator for Sacred Spirit Retreats. Grace lives in Truckee, California with two dogs, three cats, and a cockatiel. 

For details, and to register, call retreat coordinator Grace Waymire at 530-550-8380 or email Grace Waymire or Sharon & Purusha. For a listing of Mt. Shasta B&Bs, and motels see  or contact Grace for an information package.

Sacred Spirit
P.O. Box 1056
Mt. Shasta, Ca. 96067

Poems of Awakening:

Mountain Mind

This Mind,
Perfectly and Fully Realized,
Moves with a Clear, Tranquil 
Spiritual Awareness.

It encompasses Heaven,
Covers the Earth,
Penetrates All Form and 
Rides the Unfolding Moment.

It is a Radiant Light,
Shining from the 
Crown of your Head,
Illuminating wherever You Are.

It is an awesome Wind,
Rising up at each step You Take,
Enveloping All Things. 

If you are able to 
Make this Mind your Own . . .

Then even though 
You do not Seek Excellence for yourself,
Excellence comes to you 
of its Own Accord. 

Without Seeking Emancipation,
You are not Hindered 
By a Single Thing. 
(Daito (1282-1334))

 The Game

“ To Penetrate into the Essence
Of All Being and 
Significance . . .

And to 
Release the Fragrance
Of that Inner Attainment
For the Guidance and 
Benefit of Others . . .

By Expressing in the world of Forms,
Truth . . .
Love . . .
Purity . . . 
& Beauty . . .

This is the Sole Game
Which has any 
Intrinsic and
Absolute Worth . . . 

All other Happenings,
Incidents and
Can in Themselves,
Have no Lasting Importance. “
(Meher Baba)