Beyond the Waves of Chaos and Confusion of the Outer World
Lies the Calm Awareness of our Essential Nature

Learn more about Meditation Styles and Practices
10 am to 5 pm May 1-2, 2004

By Donation
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Learn how to utililize Meditation to reveal the calm awareness that cuts through confusion and chaos. Different Styles, Theories and Practices of Meditation will be explored in a facilitated, yet informal manner, as a creative discussion rather than a “this is the way” approach. We will look at both 

“Yin/Yang” practices, which utilize elements and methods that rely upon a dualistic framework and non-dualistic “Transcendent” practices . Sunday will be oriented as a day of personal retreat. It will be a day of “Silence” where we focus upon our Essential Inner Nature and apply our individual practice in a focused group setting. There will be 2 morning sessions, a lunch break and 2 afternoon sessions.

Facilitated by:

John Cashman, has been meditating since his early twenties, living in two different ashrams while studying Sufism and Vedanta. He took Tibetian Buddhism as his path in 1991. John has trained in Chi Gung and Tibetian Yoga being a certified teacher in both disciplines.

Purusha Ananda, is the founder and director of Sacred Spirit Ministry, a non-profit ministry that promotes Meditation and Spiritual Awakening through application of techniques found in Zen, Sufism, Taoism, Direct Realization and Great Perfection Traditions.

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