Mystical Activism
A Day with Andrew Harvey and Friends

A Day with Andrew Harvey
and Friends December 7th 2002, Mt. Shasta, CA

     Andrew Harvey was born in South India in 1952 and lived there until he was nine years old, a period he credits with shaping his vision of the inner unity of all religions. He left India to attend private school in England, and entered oxford University in 1970 to study history on a scholarship. At the age of 21, he became the youngest person ever to be awarded a fellowship to All Souls College, England's highest academic honor. In 1977, Harvey became disillusioned with life at Oxford and returned to India to begin his spiritual search. He has since lived in London, Paris, New York, and San Francisco, and has continued to study a variety of religions, including Hinduism, Buddhism, and Christianity. Harvey has written and edited over 30 books.  Andrew is quickly becoming a premier spokesperson for the spiritual significance of animals throughout the world.

Mystical Activism is a State of Being. 
When there is the perception of Cosmic Unity and Wholeness . . .
Action springs forth beyond the limitations of idealism, polarization and conflict.
With Universal Awareness . . .
Action flows from the 
Heart of Oneness 
as Rays of Light, 
and Love . . . 
Perceiving the Divinity and 
Connectedness of All . . . 
while simultaneously maintaining 
awareness of disharmony and injustice,
Mystical Activism 
Is the seamless 
Creation of Harmony. 
A Creation Event

A suggested donation for this event is $100.00. This money will go to promote the presentation of the charter and related animal projects. For details and to register call event coordinator Grace Waymire at 530-550-8380 or email:

For a listing of Mt. Shasta B&Bs and motels see or contact Grace for an information package.

Andrew Harvey
Animals are Emissaries of Light and Love, on earth to assist in the blossoming of compassion. They do this magnificently, with tremendous courage and against incredible odds. It is time for us to turn the tide of collective thinking toward a compassionate and loving relationship with our animal brothers and sisters.

Please join Andrew Harvey, Sharon Callahan, and Purusha Ananda as we engage in an act of mystical activism and envisage the 


During our special day together we will tap into the Wisdom of Universal Intelligence. 
Together we will explore techniques for quieting the mind, opening to universal wisdom, and bringing universal ideas into form. We will then practice these techniques as we apply group concentration and focus to create a new vision for mankind's relationship with our fellow planetary citizens . . . the Animals. 

When completed, this charter will be presented in the name of Earth's Animals to, religious leaders, governments and corporations, world wide, beginning with the United Nations.

We propose that the charter contain ten essential points of ethics supporting a loving and non-harming relationship with animals. You can play a tremendous role in this movement, by joining us to begin work on the charter.

Sponsored in part by
Planetary Citizens, Inc., P.O. Box 1056, Mt. Shasta, Ca. 96067