• 7:00-8:45: Optional Morning Meditation with Purusha Ananda
  • 7:30-9:00 am: Check-in/On-site Registration
  • 9:00-10:30 am : Ed Sayres--Welcome
    • Jane Goodall-Special Video Address
    • Opening Keynote-Susan McElroy - Heart: The Dwelling Place of Kinship
  • 11:00-Noon: Keynote-Bernie Siegel--Animals and Creation: Lessons about Living, Our Common Goals, and Our Creator's Goals.
  • 12:00-1:30 pm Lunch
  • 1:30-3:00 pm- Afternoon Workshops
    • Linda Hogan/Brenda Peterson - Speaking for the Animals a Writing Workshop
    • Sharon Callahan - The Ministry of Animals
    • Alan Schoen DVM - Co-Species Healing
    • Ed Sayres - Urban Sanctuary
  • 3:30-5:00 Panel Discussion: Shifting the Paradigm with Michael Fox, Susan McElroy, Mary Lou Randour, Linda Hogan, Mark Bekoff and others.
  • 7:00-9:00pm-Evening Concert and gathering with Eric Berglund. Susan McElroy, Sharon Callahan, Michael Fox and others will share music, poetry, and book readings, etc.


  • 7:00-8:45: Optional Morning Meditation with Purusha Ananda
  • 9:00-10:00 am: Keynote: Michael Fox--The Status of Animals and Spirituality
  • 10:30-12:00 pm: Morning Workshops (choose from four)
    • Maureen Fredrickson -The Healing Magic Between Animals and People
    • Joanne Lauck, - Insects as Messengers and Soul Carriers
    • MA Marc Bekoff, PhD - Strolling With Our Kin
    • Mary Lou Randour,PhD Animal Grace, Entering a Spiritual Relationship With Our Fellow Creatures
  • 12:00-1:30 pm: Lunch
  • 1:30-3:00 pm: --Afternoon Workshops ( choose from four)
    • Susan Kieraleyn,PhD - Everything That Is-Is Alive
    • Michael/Justine Toms Animals as Exemplars of True Work
    • Bernie Seigel,MD - Prescriptions for Living
    • Animals and Spirituality Susan McElroy, Sharon Callahan, Michael Fox Mary Lou Randour and others explore the sacred and spiritual nature of the animal/human bond
  • 3:30-5:00 pm: Keynote and Closing Ritual: Matthew Fox, PhD -Gifts of The Animals, followed by a musical, visual, multi-media celebration to connect your whole being to the animal kingdom.


  • Bernie Seigel MD-The Art of Healing
  • Susan McElroy with Allen Schoen DVM-Reciprocity: The Cycle of Healing Between Animals and Ourselves
  • Susan Kieraleyn PhD-Spirit Animals as Guardians, Teachers, and Healers.
  • Maureen Frederickson and Ken Gorczyca, DVM (PAWS)-Animals Healing Communities


Maureen Frederickson The Healing Magic Between Animals and People Over half of the US population shares their home with one or more animal species. Studies have demonstrated that people who spend time with animals are healthier than those who live exclusively with humans. What is it about the human-companion animal relationships that enhances health? Can animals help people improve their health and their relationship to people and the earth? In this workshop you will learn how animals are helping people return to health and begin to repair their relationship with the world at large. 

Marc Bekoff, PhD Strolling With Our Kin: A Joyous Journey of Compassion and Respect The millennium offers us a chance to re-examine our relationships with non-human animal beings, inanimate landscapes, and the world-at-large. Using information from studies of animal cognition and sentience, Dr. Bekoff will discuss the notions of "minding animals," "deep ethology," and "ethical enrichment." All life is valuable; we need to open our hearts and all of our senses and embrace our cohabitants in deeply respectful and reciprocal relationships. We need to be passionate visionaries and remain optimistic even when things seem grim. When animals are treated disrespectfully, we all lose. We must stroll with our kin and not walk way from them.

Sharon Callahan The Ministry of Animals Internationally recognized Animal Communication Specialist Sharon Callahan will share her experience with the role of companion and wild animals in our lives, how we can assist animals in the performance of their sacred ministry, and how we can discover what our animal companions have to teach us and to learn from us. Sharon will present slides from her client files illustrating ways in which animals have been helped by quiet listening and inner attunement, and in turn how people have been assisted in uncovering their true life purpose through communication with their animal companions. Joined by Erik Berglund on the harp, Sharon will lead us through a meditation of heartfelt communion with the animals who grace our lives in present time, those we have loved and lost, and those who will come into our lives in future times.

Joanne Lauck, MA--Insects as Messengers and Soul Carriers "The time has come for humans and insects to turn toward each other," says theologian Thomas Berry. "Such is our way to wisdom, the source of our healing, our guidance into the 21st century." In this fascinating workshop, author and environmental educator Joanne Lauck will share stories, dreams, and insights that lift insects, an often invisible and overlooked yet profoundly important part of our Earth environment, out of our personal and cultural shadow and reveal these creatures as messengers of the environment and emissaries of a profoundly alienated aspect of our identity.

Allen Schoen DVM Co-Species Healing: From Science to Spirit. This pioneering holistic veterinarian will describe both the scientific basis as well as the more spiritual aspects of how humans and animals can help each other heal, and also explore ways in which we can connect with and help heal our animal friends. Allen will also share some stories from his upcoming book "Kindred Spirits: How the Remarkable Bond between Humans and Animals Can Transform Our Lives." A brief discussion of some of the natural non-toxic approaches to animal health care will also be presented. 

Mary Lou Randour, PhD Animal Grace: Entering a Spiritual Relationship with Our Fellow Creatures This session will help us explore the opportunities for spiritual growth through our relationships with animals, and the "gift of grace" that animals can bestow upon us. You are invited to engage in a variety of experiences: small and whole-group discussions, a guided meditation, sharing of personal experiences, imaginative role-taking, and creative reflection. Through these collective experiences, we will create a space within which we can discover that "an old joy returns in holy presence."

Michael and Justine Toms Animals as Exemplars of True Work: Doing What You Love and Loving What You Do Animals often exhibit behavior that we human beings aspire towards in our life and our work. If we are willing to pay close attention and learn from their actions, animals can be our teachers, as they display a vast array of qualities including: trust, intention, nurturing, courage, relaxation, playfulness, compassion, loyalty, independence, and grace. Join Justine and Michael Toms for an exploration of our own inherent creative possibilities, as well as what we can adapt and integrate from the extraordinary example provided by our animals.

Linda Hogan & Brenda Peterson Speaking for the Animals Award-winning nature writers Linda Hogan and Brenda Peterson will help you learn how to write about and advocate on behalf of animals. They are co-editors of the best-selling international anthology " Intimate Nature: The Bond Between Women and Animals ," which includes 80 writers -- scientists, wildlife rehabilitators, and storytellers --all celebrating the unique relationship between humans and animals. They have each published over eight books and write for many national magazines. Please bring a notebook and pen and come prepared to write.

Bernie Seigel, MD Prescriptions for Living A pioneer in the field of mind-body science, Bernie has led the way in demonstrating how peace of mind, the willingness to give and receive unconditional love--as animals demonstrate so effortlessly--and having a sense of meaning in our lives can influence our ability to survive even the most serious of life's difficulties and illnesses. Our relationships with animals provide not only companionship but add great meaning to our lives, and in this way they become co-partners in our healing process. During this workshop we will explore love, forgiveness, compassion, and humor, looking to animals as our guides, as we seek to manifest our own potential. Bernie's aim is to make us as complete as our

Animals & Spirituality Join Sharon Callahan, Michael Fox, Susan McElroy, Mary Lou Randour and others as we explore the sacred and spiritual nature of the animal/human bond. During this workshop the presenters will share personal experience from their lives and work that illustrate the profound depth of the animal human bond as well as encouraging workshop participants to share their own stories and perspectives. Together we will explore animal communication, ways in which animals and humans can help each other heal and become whole, and how we can share this deepened understanding with our families, communities, and the world.

Ed Sayres Urban Sanctuary San Francisco is viewed as the most "animal-friendly" city in America, literally an "urban sanctuary" for domestic and wild animals. In 1994, the San Francisco SPCA changed the paradigm on the overpopulation problem of homeless cats and dogs by guaranteeing that no adoptable cat or dog would be killed. Join SF/SPCA President Ed Sayres for an engaging and dynamic presentation on the San Francisco model, and how this declaration created a national movement to eliminate the killing of homeless dogs and cats around the country. Also take part in an interactive informative, discussion on how to implement these crucial initiatives in your own community.

Susan Kieraleyn, PhD Everything That Is--Is Alive: The Shamanic Worldview Shamanism is set of practices and perceptions that comprises the most ancient and culturally widespread spiritual tradition of humankind. Everything that exists is sacred. The work of the shaman is to use conscious, intentional relationships between humans and non-humans for the purposes of healing, growth, and balance. In this presentation we will explore the concept of "power animals" as allies, and experience some exercises for broadening your own awareness of non-ordinary consciousness.

Full-Day Post Conference Intensives (optional)

Susan McElroy and Allen Schoen, DVM Reciprocity: The Cycle of Healing Between Our Animals and Ourselves. This workshop will awaken participants to the circle of healing that is always in motion between our animals and ourselves. We will learn how our own healing is enhanced when we "return the favor" and offer nurturing and healing support to our animals. This active day will include visualization and meditation practices for enhancing our human-animal relationships, and ritual and ceremony as a way to open to new insights about our animals and ourselves.Chi gong, body work, and massage techniques for our animal companions will also be taught.

Bernie Seigel, MD The Art of Healing Bernie will share his over 20 years of experience working with people who are confronting life's difficulties, both physical and emotional. Taking a cue from animals, who have been able to emerge from trauma to experience joy and love, Bernie will offer us ways of empowering ourselves to live rich, full, and meaningful lives. We will explore survival behavior patterns, the interplay of mind and body memories, and the roles of love, hope, humor, spirituality, desire, intention, thoughts, and feelings in our health and healing.

Maureen Fredrickson and Ken Gorczyca, DVM (PAWS) Animals Healing Communities Maureen Fredrickson will discuss how child abuse programs have helped society understand the ways that treatment of animals mirrors a community's treatment of people, and the ways that child and animal protection groups have worked together to change the perceptions of cruelty. Ken Gorczyca D.V.M., will discuss how the AIDS epidemic and animal companionship have helped local communities heal from fear, misperceptions, and bigotry, and helped the evolution of various models of human-animal support service organizations worldwide. PAWS will present its various programs during the afternoon segment.

Susan Kieraleyn, Ph.D. Spirit Animals as Guardians, Teachers, and Healers. A Shaman works by establishing alliances with helping and healing protective spirits, including "power animals," in non-ordinary reality. Aided by traditional drumming techniques, we will be introduced to shamanic journeying, an ancient technique for awakening and utilizing dormant spiritual abilities and connections with all of nature. Learn how to meet and work with your own power animals for purposes of healing, growth, and wisdom. Note: bring a scarf or bandana and notebook and pen.

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