A Magical Day with Philosopher an Beekeeper  Ron Breland
Saturday April 2nd 2005, Mount Shasta, CA 

     In the last decade two several varieties of parasites have bee wiping out honeybee populations in Europe and the United States. Although many are giving up on honeybees and looking to other pollinators, some wise and loving souls are investigating why bees are so vulnerable to parasites at this time, what their demise is indicating to us about our need for a unified view of the world and what bees mirror to us about our state of consciousness. One such loving individual is Ron Breland.

Ron says: “The honey bee is disappearing because she doesn't have a sacred space to stay.” 

In response to the plight of the bees, Ron has taken it upon himself to provide bees with the spiritual environment they have been lacking as a result of our materialistic thinking and exploitation of them. 

Please join us as we: 
  • explore what bees have to teach us about our personal and collective need for sacred inner and outer space.
  • experience first hand Ron’s bee “temples” at Eldyn Heart Sanctuary where hives have been lovingly designed and built on Ron’s prototype.
  • learn how we can provide bees with the sacred living space they so desperately need at this time.
  • celebrate with sacred dialog, music and ceremony the beautiful, fragile interconnectedness of all beings.
  • Open to the Grace of the moment provided by our willingness to come together with the intention of assisting a species in need.

Ron Breland Ron lives in West Nyack, NY where he has created a Bee Sanctuary. He currently has two dozen prototype hives patterned after the Pythagorean dodecahedron sacred form. He has conducted workshops with Gunther Hauk of the Pfeiffer Center on the East Coast and has been experimenting with alternative hive design since 1996.

Sponsored jointly by
Planetary Citizens, Inc. and Eldyn Heart Sanctuary Mt. Shasta
Please rsvp to Adamine Harms 530-926-1201 or email
space is limited

This event is an offering to the bees. No fee will be charged.