Details of the 1997 Conference on Animals and Spirituality

      Emissaries of St. Francis presented the second annual CONFERENCE ON ANIMALS AND SPIRITUALITY on October 4th,1997 the Feast Day of St. Francis of Assisi. The event was held at the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in magnificent Angel Canyon in Southern Utah. The conference focused on the sacredness and spirituality of the Animal Kingdom and what we can do to foster this understanding in ourselves, our communities and the world. Presenters at this unique event included: Dr. Michael Fox, Susan Chernak-McElroy, Sharon Callahan, Teresa tsimmu Martino and Samantha Khury.

     Michael Fox Ph.D., B.Vet.Med, is Vice President of the Humane Society of the United States. His column, “Ask Your Animal Doctor,“ reaches ten million readers weekly. He travels widely, lecturing on animal behavior, conservation, animal rights, humane and sustainable agriculture and Creation-centered spirituality. Dr. Fox has written over forty books, including the best sellers Understanding Your Dog and Understanding Your Cat, Inhumane Society: The American Way of Animal Exploitation, The Boundless Circle: Caring for Creatures and Creation and most recently Eating With Conscience: The Bio ethics of Food. Dr. Fox talked with us about ways in which we can assist humanity in drawing a boundless circle of compassion that includes all creatures and Creation within the scope of our respect and reverence.

     Susan Chernak McElroy is a former veterinarian's assistant, humane society educator, dog trainer, wildlife rehabilitator and zoo keeper. Susan is the author of the best selling Animals as Teachers and Healers published by NewSage press in the spring of 1996. She is currently finishing her second book which will be available in the fall of 1997. Susan shared the story of how she recovered from life threatening cancer with the help of her family of wonderful animals. She spoke with us about how our animal companions mirror our own states of well being and disease and how they assist us in our journey back to God. Susan's vision is to heal the relationship between people and animals. She makes her home in Oregon at Bright Star Farm.

     Sharon Callahan is an Animal Communication Specialist and the leading pioneer in the use of flower essences in the treatment of animals. She is the creator of Anaflora, the original flower essences made and combined specifically for animals and her book on the topic is the first in its field. Sharon’s expertise in the fields of animal communication and flower essence therapy have gained the respect of individuals, veterinarians, shelters, and sanctuaries world wide. She writes a column on Animals and Spirituality for Directions Magazine and contributes articles to Natural Pet Magazine and many others. Sharon shared with us how meditation and prayer allow us to become quiet enough to hear the animals and all of creation speaking. Sharon also spoke about the role of the animals as holders of the divine blueprints for the earth.

     Teresa tsimmu Martino is a woman who shares her life with wolves. Teresa eats with wolves, sleeps with them, and shares her home with them. Wolves seem to find her: unwanted hybrids, mixed blood wolves who failed wild-animal actor school and sometimes full blooded wolves catapulted by sorry circumstances in a domestic world. In her captivating new book The Wolf The Woman and The Wilderness, she tells the story of one of these wolves, Mckenzie, who she eventually released secretly back into the wilderness. Teresa shared with us the universal message of homecoming, the ancient, inner howl of freedom and spontaneity that calls each of us in its own way.

     Samantha Khury is often referred to as “The Real Doctor Doolittle.” She is an internationally recognized Animal Communication Specialist and teacher of telepathic communication. Her work has gained the respect of individuals and animal health care professionals throughout the world. Samantha’s work has been featured on television and interview programs such as ABC’s “Turning Point” with Diane Sawyer, and a 1990 PBS documentary that is still aired worldwide. Samantha teaches and certifies animal communicators in Sweden, and will soon offer a similar course in the United States. Samantha shared with us how we can develop a true kinship with all of life and learn to communicate with all beings.

     Emissaries of St. Francis was founded in 1995 and is dedicated to promoting the awareness of animals as spiritual beings. It presents conferences and gatherings that foster a spiritual view of animals. Emissaries is currently in the process of establishing a world wide network of individuals willing to offer aid to those suffering the loss of beloved animal companions. It is the view of Emissaries that no one should be without support when grieving the loss of an animal friend. This service will be offered to all individuals regardless of their ability to pay. 

Let us gather, and
together... “draw a circle,
a boundless circle of compassion
to include all creatures and Creation
within the scope of our respect and reverence.
By doing so we enrich the significance of our own lives
and enhance our own spiritual development.”

Dr. Michael Fox 
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